Congrats Ex-Smokers!!!

Hoy, 26 de septiembre, es el día del ex-fumador y lo primero que quiero es dar la enhorabuena a todos aquellos que han tenido la fuerza de voluntad para dejarlo, pero también a todos aquellos que tuvieron la fuerza de voluntad de nunca coger un cigarrillo.

ingles away

Dicho esto, hoy vamos a practicar ingles con unos vídeos de la iniciativa de la Unión Europea Unstoppable (imparable):

This is my dad. He was always smoking. Three months ago he quit. Today he plays football again with his friends for the first time in years.


Unstoppable is the European Commission biggest anti-tobacco campaign ever. It focuses on the positive sides of being an ex-smoker rather than on the dangerous of smoking.  But Unstoppable Is more than a winner campaign. In cooperation with scientists, psychologists and communication experts "icoach"was created. This online tool helps smokers quit step by step, based on their own preferences, goals and lifestyle. It sends personal daily emails and messages with information, questionnaires and steps in your personal quitting plan. "Icoach" is an individual long term programme which is fully integrated with the Unstoppable Facebook page. People are part of a large community where they share their experiences and support each other. In all communication, people are directed to "icoach". Entering this symbol, and once share it, you are part of the largest online stop smoking platform ever. A platform that is constantly managed by 54 online modalities, covering 27 nations and 22 languages. Over 160.000 europeans that join "icoach" programme since June 2011 and mores joining everyday. 41% of them effectively quit smoking three months later. 


Y Por último un vídeo de la tenista Victoria Azarenka. A mi no me va mucho el tenis, así que, sinceramente, no la conocía. Es embajadora del Día del Ex Fumador y nos dice esto:


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